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There's a giggle on the giggle page!

There’s a giggle on the giggle page!

The purpose of this website is two fold. First as a show case for my books and my current work.

Also as somewhere you can find a smile. Giggles is where the amusement is found. If after reading this page you find a grin then the site is doing it’s work!

Haven’t done very much on the website for about two years. ‘BEYOND YOUR HEAVEN, BEYOND YOUR HELL’, my current book, promised to be difficult to write and it has not disappointed. So, for a writing holiday I have started on ‘APPARENTLY THE QUEEN DOES THE SAME’. Often, I have been asked to write a book about my life during the London blitz. The start is on the Apparently tab (below). If the subject interests, the first few pages are on this page. More will be added as they are written.

Fancy a bath at Wembley stadium?

20160206_120618 Not in this one!

The black box is an ice maker. When injured players are brought into the dressing room the bath is filled with ice and the player plunged into it for forty seconds. This helps hugely with bruising.

A cooling moment for redhot superstars!                     *

Now even celebrities are reading Sellebrity!photo




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