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There's a giggle on the giggle page!

There’s a giggle on the giggle page!

The purpose of this website is two fold. First as a show case for my books and my current work.

Also as somewhere you can find a smile. Giggles is where the amusement is found. If after reading this page you find a grin then the site is doing it’s work!



This item should really go on the Giggles page but it was so intriguing I though I would try and see how many readers had the answer.

It concerns a relative who is an amateur magician – and a very good one. At the end of each business meeting he would entertain his collegues by showing them his latest tricks.

But this one had a result he could not foresee.

At the close of the meeting he gave a box to the president of the company, and, before his audience, locked the box. The president was asked to hide the box and bring it with him to the next meeting, where it would be opened. Inside would be a paper with the winning number of the national lottery that would have been drawn the day before.

At the end of the next meeting the president produced the box. My relative unlocked the box and the president opened the lid and pulled out a piece of paper.

The room was agog, the paper had indeed the winning number of the lottery from the day before.

Like a true magician, my relative refused to reveal his secret, but the next day the police arrived at his house. Someone in the meeting had contacted the national lottery who went ballistic, convinced their security had been breached and called the police.

After making a statement  the police left my uncle. He was furious that he had to reveal the secret of his trick that he had worked on for weeks perfecting.

So can you work out how it was done? 

If you can, sent the answer via the contact page. If you are right I’ll send you an ecopy of Imagine.



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