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There's a giggle on the giggle page!

There’s a giggle on the giggle page!

The purpose of this website is two fold. First as a show case for my books and my current work.

Also as somewhere you can find a smile. Giggles is where the amusement is found. If after reading this page you find a grin then the site is doing it’s work!


An opening page of a website is perhaps not the place for a memorial. But this one is so impacting I felt it could not go elsewhere. It is a memorial to 9 French resistance fighters and 5 jews who were shot by the Germans on the 1st July 1944. The local priest, doctor,and mayor were forced to watch the executions and the bodies were not allowed to be touched for 48hrs. The thing that strikes are the black squares, bullet holes with the name of each victim. Makes me shiver each time I pass. 




Now even celebrities are reading Sellebrity!photo




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